Ed Fry

Ed started running at Memorial Park in 1979 when he decided to train for his "first and only" marathon. Thirty-seven years later, he has completed 40+ marathons and has run more than 80,000 miles. His most memorable run was one he did to celebrate his retirement. He called it his Cleansing Run and decided to do 1 mile for each of his 30-years of work. His daughter asked the River Oaks Theater to play Pulp Fiction at their Saturday night midnight show to start the celebration. After watching the movie, Ed headed to Memorial Park to start his 30 miles of Cleansing. Even at that early hour, there were already a few friends who were at the Park to run with him. Along the way, more than 20 other friends and family members joined in to help him Cleanse. Ed says he may have started as a solo runner in 1979, but the friendships he has developed through running have impacted his life more than he could have ever imagined.