Bruce has been a regular at Memorial Park for 4 decades. In 1995 he and his fiance, Martha, flew to Hawaii. Their plan was for Bruce to compete in the Ironman World Championships and then get married the following day. After completing the race in 13 hours, 42 minutes, they went to a restaurant near the finish line, but Bruce collapsed and his friend, Paul (who also had just completed the race), had to carry him back to the medical tent. At midnight, after 7 liters of IV fluid, the medical tent was closing and the nurses were trying to decide whether Bruce could return to his hotel or should be taken to the hospital. The nurses asked Bruce how old he was, if he could spell his name, if he knew his address, and if he knew where he was. He answered all of their questions correctly, but then they pointed to Martha and asked if he knew her name. Bruce stared at his fiance with wide eyes, but was at a loss for her name. Martha immediately said, "Take him to the hospital!" Fortunately, he recovered quickly and they were married at 9:00 AM the next morning. Today, he runs at Memorial Park several days each week and is thankful for the Park and his ability to run injury free.