Daniel Barron

Daniel Barron grew up in Pasadena & was always involved in sports but never ran more than a couple miles until 2005. He had a group of co-workers who were dedicated to exercising & began encouraging Daniel to join them on their 5-mile runs at lunch. He finally agreed & to everyone’s (including Daniel’s) surprise he was able to run the entire way! His co-workers were tremendously proud of him & began encouraging him to take up running. Daniel agreed to their challenge & has been running for 12-yrs now. He recently changed jobs & decided to start a running club. He wants to pay-it-forward & encourage his new co-workers to run, just as his friends did for him 12-yrs ago. Daniel has always been very close to his family. In 2005 his older sister, Ana, had just turned 30 & given birth to her 2nd child. She thought she had an infection in her breast, but the antibiotics did not eliminate the pain. She was eventually sent to The Rose, a non-profit medical group in Pasadena that provides breast cancer screenings & diagnostic procedures for women, regardless of their ability to pay for the services. There Ana was diagnosed w/ inflammatory breast cancer. She lived with the disease for 5-yrs until she passed away in May 2010. Daniel says Ana was always the life of the party. Her joy & selfless attitude were contagious & his family still grieves her loss. In 2012 Daniel wanted to find a way to honor Ana & established an organization called @30_for_ana. Each year they host a 30-mi run from MD Anderson to Ana’s gravesite in Pasadena. Although the event is very low-key & some of the runners do not complete the entire route, the organization has raised over $150,000 in support of The Rose. Daniel hopes their efforts & funds will allow other women to combat cancer w/o also having to worry about the financial strain the disease can cause. Today Dan and his wife have a 1-yr old baby girl. He strives to maintain balance as he juggles his professional career, family life, running goals, & a desire to honor his beloved sister.