Matt Bench

Matt Bench grew up in Houston and graduated from St. Thomas High School. He was on the cross country and wrestling teams but did not focus on strength training until he entered college and met some friends who were members of an AcroYoga group. The sport involves two people working together to hold poses where one person is the base and supports the other, who is called a flier. Both individuals must completely trust and rely on each other as they execute the positions. Matt says the exercises require as much mental skill as physical strength. Although Matt had never done anything close to what his friends were doing, he was intrigued and agreed to give it a try. In just a few months of training, he realized he had found his passion. After graduating from college, Matt obtained a job in sales, but a majority of his time away from work was dedicated to improving his workout skills and learning new techniques using only his body weight to build strength. In 2015, Matt finally decided to take a risk and pursue his dream. He left his corporate job and started a fitness and lifestyle coaching business called Off The Bench Fitness. His desire is to convince his clients that it is possible to gain strength without going to a gym. He likes to joke that the only piece of equipment required is your birthday suit! Matt says that the benefits to working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle go beyond the physical. He has collected many articles that show exercise also improves relationships, self-confidence, and emotional health. Matt prefers to meet his clients at outdoor spaces throughout the City of Houston. This past April he published a list of the best outdoor workout spots in Houston, and Memorial Park was his #1 choice. He says the Park has everything you need for calisthenics and body weight training in one location. Today, Matt loves his job and says he has found a tremendous satisfaction in seeing his clients succeed. Along the way, he has also discovered a few ways to demonstrate how fun hanging out at Memorial Park can be-even if it is from a stop sign!