Pamela Kearn

Pamela grew up in Limerick, Ireland and is the oldest of 6 girls. Her first experience with running occurred after graduating from college when she joined a rowing club. Her coach scheduled a weekly training run to build endurance, but Pamela considered this the worst part of the week! Twenty years later, she and her husband, Rod, have 2 beautiful girls, Madeleine and Darcey. She also works full-time for Exxon and is the President of the Houston Area Parkinson’s (HAPS) organization. She is deeply committed to the organization after watching her father struggle with the disease for more than a decade. He was only 63 when he passed away. In 2011, 3-months after Darcey was born, Pamela found herself on the sidelines of the Houston Marathon cheering for a few friends who were participating in the #runforareason program to raise money for #HAPS. As she stood there witnessing the sea of runners pass by, she was inspired to take up running again. She saw many people who did not fit her stereotype of a “runner,” yet they were still willing to put in the work and complete the race. Pamela felt like she did not have a justifiable excuse for not running and decided to get started. In the beginning, she thought that the best she would ever be able to run was 4-hours for a marathon, but 5-years and 15-marathons later, Pamela was thrilled to run 3:19 last year in Chicago. Her proudest running moment occurred a few years ago, shortly before her father passed away. She was doing a marathon in her hometown and was able to see her father sitting in his wheelchair and cheering for her as she ran by. In all of her racing, Pamela has raised over $25K for Parkinson’s disease. In 2016 Pamela met Doug Storey at The Heights High School track. She expressed her desire to train with a strong group of runners, and after a few more conversations, they decided to resurrect the#HoustonHarriers Running Club. Doug is the coach and Pamela is the secretary. She says that her life today is inspired by the legacy of her father. She wants to #payitforward and use her talents to help others, just as her dad did for her.