Phillip Aronoff

Phillip grew up in Houston and is grateful to have lived here and raised his family. He and his 3 children graduated from Bellaire High School, and today he is proud to see the tradition continue with his granddaughter who is also attending the same elementary school. During Hurricane Harvey his daughter’s home flooded. He has loved having his daughter’s family stay with him and his wife until their home is repaired, and says he is already dreading the day when they have to leave and his home once again becomes an empty nest. In the late 90’s Phillip enjoyed playing racquetball, but over time, he says it became increasingly difficult to find a partner and schedule a time that was acceptable for both of them. He eventually decided to take up running, and now he runs at Memorial Park almost every morning. He says that if he doesn’t get his run in before 8:00 a.m., then it doesn’t happen. When he first started running there was a day when Phillip tried to run in the afternoon. However he was not accustomed to the extreme heat and became sick. After that day, he swore he would never run after 8:00 a.m. again. He spends a few hours each week working with his son at his granite business. In addition, Phillip is Houston’s Honorary Consul General for Hungary and serves as the executive secretary for the Consular Corps of Houston, made up of the foreign missions represented in Houston. Houston’s Consular Corps has diplomats representing about 94 countries. He says he takes delight in being able to help Hungarians in Houston and enjoys spending time with the other diplomats who represent a wide variety of ethnicities, socio-economic backgrounds, and worldviews.