The Rangel Family

The Rangel family has always been very close. On Thanksgiving Day of 2014, like so many times before, they were sitting around the table enjoying a big meal. All of the sudden Mom startled everyone with an announcement. She declared that all 4 of her children were overweight and needed to start exercising. In many families, this would have caused a fight. If nothing else, the meal would have ended, and everyone would have gone home. But not the Rangel family! They were immediately inspired to begin working out. They researched the latest fitness trends, joined a local gym, and began striving to honor their mom’s request. Along the way, several people in the gym noticed this tight-knit family and asked if they could join in. Finally, in 2015, they decided it was time to branch out on their own. In the last 2 years, the Rangel family has been overwhelmed by the lives that have changed because of their work. Two men, Roberto and Damian, have both lost more than 100-lbs after joining their gym. There are several individuals who were already very fit when they joined the group. However, their willingness to mentor the less-experienced members has inspired everyone to work harder and reach new goals. In addition to building strength at their studio near Oak Forest, they invite members to join them for the NEvoluzion Running Krew meetings on Thursdays and Sundays. They encourage everyone, regardless of their abilities, to start somewhere. In the beginning, many of their members could not run for more than a few steps before they would have to stop and walk. But over time, those same individuals have transformed their lives and are now running half marathons and even marathons! The Rangel family is thankful to work with all of their clients. They are some of the most humble, hard-working people you will ever meet. And the best part of their day is when their mom, who inspired them to get moving in the first place, attends the group runs. She is featured here in the center of this photo with sons Octavio, Robert, Gustavo, and daughter Carla around her. Happy Thanksgiving to all of the