Yael Ginsburg

When you look at Yael’s photograph, you see a beautiful and strong young lady. That strength and dedication are gifts from a family heritage that has persevered to overcome harsh circumstances. Before World War II, her great grandmother was a target of Nazi persecution and faced daily threats of violence and death. Her two brothers, who had already left to Cuba, finally had enough money to bring her to Cuba, where she and her brothers sought to establish a new life. Fifty-years later, their stories of hardships and struggles were passed down to Yael, but she also heard how her parents eventually moved to the United States, learned English, went to college, and also created a new life to support Yael and her brother. When she left for college at Tulane, Yael knew she liked numbers, and decided to pursue a degree in Accounting. She also wanted to start exercising and began jogging around New Orleans, but was surprised at how energized she felt after the first few days of running. Upon graduating and getting her CPA certification, she returned to Houston and accepted a job as an accountant with an international accounting firm. Yael says that during the busy audit season, she works longer hours, but she still tries to stay active by bike or running, even if she is completely exhausted. However, in spite of it all, she says that she continues to run because it keeps her sane. She uses the time to clear her mind and relax. Another example of her determination can be seen by what she eats on a daily basis. Although she is earning a reasonable salary, she has eaten a bowl of Kellogg’s Special K Vanilla Almond cereal for breakfast and a peanut-butter-and-banana sandwich for lunch every day for the last 3-years. She is on a mission to save money and pay off her student loans. She says that one of her loans is interest-free, but she is still determined to have it paid in full as soon as possible. That same spirit of overcoming barriers and seeking a better life is still alive and well in Yael, 75 year later!