Camille Boon

Camille is a native Houstonian and graduated from The High School for the Performing and Visual Arts where she focused on dance. During this time, her mom was training for marathons, and Camille joined her for some of the shorter, easy runs. Her mom also had a friend who was an obstetrician, and Camille was fascinated by the friend’s stories of caring for patients and delivering babies. Twenty-years later, Camille is no longer dancing, but she has become a beautiful fulfillment of her teenage dreams. In addition to balancing her career as an OB and training for marathons, she and her husband make the responsibility of raising their two young boys the priority. Camille meets her friends at Memorial Park at 4:30 a.m. so she can be home before the boys wake up. Most of the other people who are in her running group are in the same situation and have become comfortable with starting at that time. Even though there is a jogging path around the corner from her house, she feels safer at the Park where there are always many other people working out in the wee hours of the morning. Camille says it is worth getting up early because her mind feels more alert and she has more energy on days that she runs. When asked if she has any thoughts on women running while they are pregnant, she says, “Yes!” Although she has always felt that women who continue to exercise during pregnancy generally have an easier time delivering babies, a recent study confirmed this to be true. She says that giving birth is a lot like running a marathon: if you do not train property in the months leading up to the event, then you will have a difficult time making it to the finish line on the day of the race. Having a baby is mentally and physically exhausting, and athletic women generally have a better awareness of the challenge and an easier time giving birth. Camille says the funniest part is that even though marathoners and moms talk about how excruciating it is to do either of these things, a majority of the people she knows decide they want to do it again a few months later!