David Harvey

David has fond memories of coming to Memorial Park w/ his dad & XC teammates in the 90s. He says he and his friends were “Park Rats.” They loved speeding around the trail & felt like they owned the place. After high school David put in 100-mi weeks in hopes that he could walk-on to the University of Colorado XC team. It was during the school’s heyday of long distance running, and David says he was not even close to making the team. Instead, he joined a hip hop dance group & performed at events throughout CO. He also began teaching kids how to dance & felt like he realized a passion for impacting young lives. After college, David accepted a job in IT, but moved back to Houston to teach Math & Science in 2003 after his mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer. This was the beginning of a downward spiral in David’s life. His mom passed away in 2005, then he lost his grandfather in 2006 & his grandmother in 2009. Although David had watched his mom battle alcoholism and suffered from her unstable lifestyle, he began drinking heavily. He also stopped running and quickly gained 50 lbs. David says he knew he had a problem, but he could never fully commit to making a lasting change until January 2011 when he hit rock bottom. He said it was only then that he was forced to admit he could not save himself, needed to commit his life to God, and ask for help. David joined AA and started running again. Over time, the pounds came off, and his speed returned. Today he and his wife are the proud parents of 2 young kids, and in 2016 he was thrilled to receive an offer to teach at Strake Jesuit, his alma mater. In the midst of the transformation, David returned to Memorial Park and has established a Sunday morning long run group. He leaves coolers with ice water and Gatorade next to his truck in front of the tennis center. They are available for anyone to enjoy. He is thankful to be back at the Park and is committed to being a positive example for his children, his students, and anyone going through the same struggles he experienced. He is happy to share his story of a new life and hopes he can encourage others.w