Anna Faber (Part 1 of 2)

Anna grew up in Minnesota, but says she is a die-hard Packers fan. She played lacrosse in college, but when she was chosen to be the center for her team, she realized she needed to increase her endurance. Anna decided to start running and was surprised to find she loved running as much as lacrosse. After college, her job brought her to Houston, and she has continued to run as a way to stay active. She says Memorial Park reminds her of the trails in Minnesota, and she appreciates being able to run without having to fight traffic. Her favorite part of the 2.9 mile loop is the giant oak tree that intersects the trail just before the driving range. She says she had never seen a tree like that before moving to Houston and it makes running under it feel so southern. Anna is passionate about encouraging others to cherish the outdoors and remain active. When she is at Memorial Park she enjoys seeing people of all walks of life and all abilities enjoying nature and working hard to stay healthy. Her favorite memory of the Park is from her first Houston Marathon. She says there was a man at Mile 20 who was standing on the side cheering and called out, "You're at the Park! You're home! Only 6 more miles to go!" That spectator’s words really touched Anna, and she realized Memorial Park really had become her new home.