Charan Angara

Charan is a longtime member of and volunteer for Power In Motion, which meets at Memorial Park and helps Houstonians train for a 5K. He and his wife, Mahathi, were excited to get their new puppy, Jäger, but Mahathi says they quickly realized he was "too curious." Shortly after they brought Jäger home, they were horrified when they found him standing on their kitchen counter with his face in a boiling pot of chicken soup! The curiosity caused severe burns to his nose and ears. Fortunately Jäger's face healed quickly, but the experience caused Charan and Mahathi to realize they had to work extra hard to make sure Jäger was always worn out. Now, in addition to running with his friends at Memorial Park, Charan makes time to also walk Jäger. A bonus is that he gets to spend time enjoying being outside with his sweet wife.