Arthur lives in Missouri City but comes to Memorial Park almost every day. He always has a smile on his face and waves to everyone as he makes his way around the trail. He is 71 years old and has completed 18 Houston Marathons and 7 Houston Half Marathons. Arthur says he enjoys working on cars and has a 1975 Cadillac that he bought in 1975. He only drives it on Sundays. He keeps his copy of People of Memorial Park in his truck and has been working to collect the autographs of the people whose stories are in the book. He has added his own yellow tabs to the pages so that when he meets someone who has not signed his book, he can quickly flip to the exact page. In the last 6 months, Arthur has tracked down almost everyone. He says he still needs to find @crystalhadnott, but she runs too early for him to meet her.