Tracy Dodds Larson

In what seems like a previous life, Tracy was a successful attorney who ran exactly 35 minutes every morning on a treadmill. After her first son was born, she continued to run 35 minutes a day. The only difference was her son was sitting in a bouncer next to the treadmill. Two years later she had her second son and quit her job to stay home. Tracy says that after she stopped working, she started running more because she found pride in setting goals and then working to achieve them. Thirty-five minutes on a treadmill became an hour or two outside, often with a single or double jogging stroller. In the past 5 years, she has completed several half and full marathons, including 3 half marathons during her last pregnancy, as well as a 10k on her due date. Her third son was born a little over a year ago, and Tracy has trouble even remembering what life was like before she was a Boy-Mom. Over time, Tracy and her husband have figured out a schedule so both of them can spend time exercising. During the week, she runs in her neighborhood with her middle son in the stroller. He loves the 1-on-1 time with his mom and usually talks to her the entire time. On Saturdays, Tracy’s husband keeps all 3 boys while she does her long run at Memorial Park. She prefers coming to the Park because she feels safe and likes exercising among all of the other runners on the trail. In January 2016, Tracy was 31-weeks pregnant with her 3rd son. She had signed up to run the Aramco Half Marathon, but she had been fighting a painful sinus infection and back injury for the 2 weeks leading up to the race. She had decided that she would have to miss the race, but the morning before the event, Tracy woke up feeling much better. She got dressed and told her husband she was going to the Marathon Expo to pick up her race packet. In shock, her husband asked, “Are you crazy?” Tracy’s immediate response as she walked out the door was, “I guess so!”