Arlene Schneider

Arlene started running at Memorial Park after she moved to Houston in 2001. In the beginning, she only ran the 2.9 mile Seymour Lieberman Trail. The following year she joined the Runner’s High Club and started leaving the Park for her long runs. She says she learned how to navigate Houston’s streets and drive better because those long runs took her all over the city. Then, in 2003, a friend introduced Arlene to the trails on the south side of Memorial Drive. She immediately fell in love with the peaceful, quiet setting the trails provide. Also, she liked that the dirt paths provided a softer surface to run on versus the sidewalks. She says that when she brings friends to the trails for the first time, they have one of two reactions: they either love them and appreciate their serene beauty, or they panic when they run into a spider web and cannot get back to their cars soon enough. Her favorite trail is the Green Trail because there is less erosion, and it provides an easy out-and-back route compared to the Purple, Red, Yellow, Blue, and Orange trails. Arlene suggested that a great follow-up to the People of Memorial Park book would be one titled People Of The Trails. She says there are so many great stories of the fun times they have had at the Park and the sweet people who work out exclusively on the trails. However, one problem is that they have a saying: “What happens in the trails, stays in the trails!”