Jeff and Shiva Douse

Jeff has always had a knack for numbers. When he was 6-yrs old, his parents bought him a calculator. He carried it everywhere & even took it to a cousin’s wedding to try & approximate the cost of the event. Fast forward to 2013 when he was traveling to Cabo for a relaxing vacation w/ his friends. As he was walked through the airport, Jeff saw Shiva, who had just arrived from Houston & was waiting for her friends. He knew she was the one & quickly introduced himself. Over the next few days, they realized that their parents lived 10-minutes away from each other in central Florida. Shiva was already planning to spend her July 4th weekend traveling to visit her parents. Although Jeff’s life was very scheduled, all of the sudden he “remembered” that he was also planning to visit his family over the holiday! He eventually moved to Houston, and they were married this past year. During their courtship, they dreamed of starting their own business together. They discussed many ideas, but nothing ever seemed to be a perfect fit. Jeff and Shiva both enjoyed running, but they usually worked out with different groups because they run at different speeds. Then, one day, as Jeff was watching a video of a spinning studio, it hit him: What if they started a business providing instructor-led classes for runners on treadmills? The classes would offer a festive atmosphere w/ exciting music, would provide a challenging workout, & would allow athletes of varying abilities the chance to belong to a single community of runners & workout simultaneously. As soon as Jeff presented his idea to Shiva, she knew it was right. They spent the next year finalizing plans & were proud to softly open RacePace at the end of May w/ the Grand Opening celebration coming up on July 15th. In addition to their studio classes, they host a free Thursday night social run at Holler Brewing Co. Before May, Jeff & Shiva could often be seen on the trail at Memorial Park. However, in the last 2 months, every spare minute has been dedicated to the launch of their business. They both adore the Houston running community & have a passion for serving the inspiring people who make it fun to come to work every day