Sara Periman

Sarah grew up in Austin & attended UT where she majored in Education. During her senior year, a friend asked if she had any interest in working at a local running store. Although she did not have experience running long distances, she was looking for a job & gladly accepted the offer. Sarah quickly realized the running community not only supports athletic endeavors but also endorses numerous charitable causes & loves to have fun. She started joining her new friends for 3-mi jogs around Town Lake, and someone eventually convinced her to sign up for the Capital 10K. A week after the race Sarah sat in her kitchen opening the mail & was shocked to receive a prize for placing in her age group. After that, she says she was hooked! Sarah’s coworker & local elite, Justin Gabriel, offered to coach her, and she thrived under his leadership. Soon, she was winning races & loving being a part of the running community. After graduating, Sarah became an elementary PE coach & started a running club for her students. She says that seeing the joy & pride on the faces of her students as they crossed the finish lines of local races was worth every minute. Sarah moved to Houston in 2014 when her husband was transferred. She enjoys running at Memorial Park because it reminds her of Town Lake where she learned to run 8-yrs ago. Sarah says that today she is motivated to run, not because she wants to win races, but because she is running for her former coach, Justin. Shortly after he started coaching her, Sarah was surprised when he did not show up for practice. She discovered that Justin had been in an accident & suffered a traumatic brain injury. When he finally came out of his coma, he was told he would be in a wheel chair for the rest of his life. This second picture was taken in 2010 when Justin won a 5K in 15:46 & Sarah was the 2nd woman overall. The third picture was taken 3-yrs later at the same race. Their coworker, Ryan, pushed Justin during the 5K. Every time Sarah races, she dedicates her efforts to Justin. She is thankful for his encouragement during her early years of running. He inspires her to never quit & be grateful for every new day.