Sylvia and Allison

Sylvia & Allison have been running together @ Memorial Park for 25 years. They say they love how the Park is an oasis in the heart of Houston. There is an energy on the trail that keeps them coming back. Both ladies started running in high school but for different reasons. Allison was on the track team & enjoyed competing in races. Sylvia was on the dance team & decided to come to practice early so she could stretch & jog around the gym. Over time she realized that she felt more at peace while running & that her days seemed to go smoother when she was able to get a run in before school. Sylvia & Allison met in the early 90's. Their mutual friend, Bob Talamini, wanted to start an adventure racing business in the US. He asked Sylvia & Allison to be his guinea pigs for the inaugural event & they enthusiastically agreed. When the event was over, they decided that if they could have fun during a 36-hr race, they would make good training partners. That spirit of trying new things & always smiling has carried them through the last quarter of a century as they have made their way around the Park. There was a day a few years ago when Allison forgot her shoes & decided to run in socks. She says she felt fine & did not think about it again until a couple days later when she called Sylvia complaining that her legs were sore. Thankfully Sylvia remembered the sock incident & was able to pinpoint the cause of Allison’s pain. Both ladies are in a busy season of life & are only able to train together 1-day/wk. They are looking forward to the next few years when they expect life will slow down & they can work out more often. Regardless of whether they are together for 36-hrs or only 1-hr/wk their time is filled w/ laughter & joy. Although the sock incident had only happened once in 25-yrs, on the day this picture was taken, Allison had, for the 2nd time, forgotten her shoes. Fortunately, Sylvia had an extra pair of size 10 shoes in her car. Allison slipped them on, then they had a good laugh when she said she normally wears a size 5! Regardless of the size of the shoe, Memorial Park & the friendships that are formed on the trail are always a perfect fit.