Allan McClelland

Alan is one of the smartest men you will ever meet on the trail at Memorial Park. As Associate Vice President at MD Anderson, he manages a team of scientists and doctors whose efforts are dedicated to finding a cure for cancer. However, in the last 4-years, he has also personally discovered the joy of running. Despite his vast understanding of the molecular structure of DNA and medicine, he used to think that anyone who desired to run more than 1-lap around Memorial Park was crazy. That is until 2013 when his daughter, Lindsay, invited him to join her on an 8-mile long run. He begrudgingly agreed to go, but as soon as he finished, he was hooked. He quickly found himself training for a marathon and travelling across the country to participate in races. Alan says that the highlight of his journey was running the California International Marathon with Lindsay this past December. Not only did he enjoy the experience of taking a trip with his daughter, but they also both qualified for the Boston Marathon. They are now planning a trip to Boston next year. Alan is a member of a Facebook group called the Grateful Runners. They are all Deadheads (fans of the Grateful Dead) who also share a love of running. In 2015, he and Lindsay competed in the New York City Marathon. Alan was thrilled because the timing could not have been better; a Dead and Company concert was scheduled at Madison Square Garden on the evening of the race! The band is comprised of 3 of the 4 surviving members of the original Greatful Dead along with John Mayer on guitar. Alan insisted that Lindsay join him because he was sure the concert was going to be the highlight of her day. She says that after running a marathon that morning, she was terribly sleepy and finally told Alan she was going back to the hotel. Of course he stayed until the end.