Todd Breton

Todd finished his first marathon in 1994, and many of his workouts were completed at Memorial Park in preparation for that race. The only problem was the race itself was an excruciating experience. When he finally crossed the finish line, he swore he would never enter another marathon again. Nineteen years later, in 2013, a friend invited Todd to a #FortBendFittraining run where he instantly connected with the other club members. They were like family, and he found himself looking forward to the weekly workouts. Then, in April 2016, a large, painful lump appeared under Todd’s left arm. After several tests and surgery, Todd was told he had Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a #cancer of the lymph nodes. Fortunately, when the doctor relayed the devastating news, Todd’s wife was with him. He says he was a big baby and fell to his knees crying. His wife, Cindy, resolved to do whatever was necessary to help him heal. Todd had to stop exercising for 6-months while he went through chemotherapy and radiation, but he longed to be back out on the trails with his running buddies. Finally, in December, Todd was given the green light to begin working out again. He was thrilled to finish the Aramco Half Marathon in January, even though his longest run was only 6-miles in the month leading up to the race. Now, he and 11 other #FBF members are training for the#ChicagoMarathon in October, and Todd is once again making the drive to Memorial Park to do his long runs. He says that if you had met him in 1994 and asked what he imagined himself doing 23-years later, the last thing in the world he would have mentioned would be training for a marathon. Of course he also would have never guessed that he had just overcome cancer. Todd says he is humbled by it all and thankful to be alive. #cancersucks#runhou #runhouston #peopleofmemorialpark#houstonmarathon #overcomer #prouddad#strongfamily #runningcommunity #neversaynever#painfulmarathon #thankful #runnersofinstagram#runningstories