Ernesto Lora

Ernesto has always been a man of determination and focus. He met his wife in 1984 when she was traveling from Mexico to visit her family in Houston. After knowing her for 3-weeks, Ernesto proposed, and they were married the following week. Thirty-three years later their marriage is still strong, although he says they lived in a house divided every time the Mexican soccer team plays the USA. Ernesto grew up in a family of jewelers. As a teenager, he was taught how to design jewelry and use precise tools to create beautiful works of art. He says that when he is performing his job, he shuts the door and focuses only on the item in his hands. He does not think about anything else. The jewels are worth thousands of dollars, and he does not want to make a mistake. Today, at the age of 60, he still loves his job and takes pride in his work. On April 30, 2016, Ernesto was at work when he received a devastating call. His middle child – a son who was 29-years old – was shot and killed while riding his bike at a park in California. Fifteen-months later, police have yet to determine a motive or who is responsible for the shooting. As he struggled to process his grief, he continued to focus on working hard for his customers and employer at @tenenbaumjewelers . Since rush hour traffic is so awful near his work, he decided to start running Memorial Park in the evenings. The Park provides a place to get a workout in and makes the drive home less congested. Since Ernesto is so focused during his time at work, he says that being at the Park also gave his mind a chance to be free and think about his life. A couple friends suggested he visit a counselor or psychiatrist to discuss his heartache. However, he says that his time on the trail has brought the healing he needed. This past year, Ernesto completed four races and dedicated each effort to the memory of his son. Although Ernesto says he still misses his son terribly, Memorial Park has helped to usher in a peace that passes understanding.