Katie Can

If you ask Katie about her life, she will tell you it has been quite normal. As a child growing up in Michigan, she has sweet memories of a home that was always full of family members and friends. However, Katie’s childhood was also marked by a major surgery at the age of 3 and a slower pace of life as she learned to master new skills through practice and determination. Her thoughts were also consumed with whether she would ever be able to live independently. Katie was born with TAR syndrome, which affects her skeletal, digestive, and neurological systems. After 26-years of dealing with the complications, Katie became frustrated with life and once again asked, “Why me, God?” Then, one day she heard Him say, “Why do you question My creation?” That response along with her faith in a loving, perfect Creator caused her to change her attitude and stop feeling conscious about herself. Katie meets with a trainer @fitfactor who customizes the exercises to fit her needs. The trainer continues to bring new challenges to the table that Katie has never thought of before. She relishes reaching new milestones and seeing her body get stronger. Katie came to Memorial Park for the first time in 2015 after she moved to Houston. She was surprised by how crowded it was, but over time she began to recognize people, and now she looks forward to seeing them. Although she does not necessarily know their names, she feels a connection to them. Another challenge for Katie is that her kneecaps are not fully developed. In the beginning, she would lean forward when she was walking because she wanted to keep a close eye on the trail and avoid any possible tripping hazards. However, now she is learning to run with her head up and with no fear. Katie hopes that her determination and faith will inspire others to not lose hope or make excuses. She trusts that God, who created her, knows her concerns, and He will give her strength to continue facing new challenges.