Tracy Cormier

Tracy grew up in #houston and has always had an affinity for #bedazzled accessories, even when working out. In high school she wanted to run the hurdles, but her coach insisted she was too short. Instead, she settled for running cross country. In 2008, @divatalways joined a gym near her office in#downtownhouston. She soon met several other ladies who called themselves the Lunch Time Hustlers because they have to hustle to get their workouts completed within an hour. This lively group of women encouraged Tracy to not only exercise with them in the gym, but also to occasionally join them on runs around #BuffaloBayou. Tracy finally gave in, & the next thing she knew she was running 4 or 5 miles during her lunch break! In the beginning, she was much slower than the other ladies, but Tracy says she is very competitive. She pushed herself to get faster & was eventually able to keep up with them. The Hustlers started encouraging Tracy to sign up for the 2009 #aramcohalfmarathon, so she began driving to Memorial Park on the weekends to complete her long runs. Although she lives in Baytown, she says she is a creature of habit. She would rather make the drive & run in a familiar setting. Tracy's mom was always her biggest fan. A week before her first marathon, her mom sent her flowers with a note that said, "You're already a winner because you have put in the work to get to the starting line." In 2011 her mom was not feeling well & asked Tracy to take her to the doctor. They were told her mom had Stage 4 colon cancer, & she passed away 6-weeks later. Today, as Tracy runs around the Bayou, the smell of bread baking at the Sunbeam Bakery on #washingtonave reminds her of her mom, who was an expert baker. Tracy wants to challenge others to find their joy in life, just like she did 8-yrs ago. Although running is a good way to work out, Tracy's love for the sport has more to do with the friendships she has made, the pride she has in her accomplishments, & the freedom she feels while exercising. She understands that running is not for everyone, but feels that God has a good plan for each person & that he can work to discover it, just as Tracy did in 2009.