Carlos Rhor

Carlos was born in Venezuela and grew up in Ecuador. As a child he remembers his father waking up at 5:30 to go run. Although he did not understand why his dad would want to wake up at such an early time, he adored his father who always encouraged him to #BETHEBEST in everything he did. Despite his father’s positive example, Carlos had terrible eating habits during his childhood. On his 15th birthday, he weighed 250 pounds, and his doctor insisted he needed to make a change. Carlos met with a nutritionist & coach who showed him how to choose healthier food & eat several small meals each day. Sixteen years later, Carlos still keeps in contact with that same nutritionist. Carlos says she knows his body and nutritional needs better than he does. In addition to a change in diet, he also started running and going to the gym. Over time, Carlos has progressed from only being able to jog 10-minutes on a treadmill to completing several triathlons and half-marathons. Today he is thankful for his patient wife, Daniella, who supports him in his athletic endeavors. He came to Memorial Park for the first time in 2010 when he and his parents were visiting his brother who was a student at the University of Houston. Carlos says he immediately fell in love with the Park. There is an atmosphere and energy that motivate him to work harder. Also, he appreciates seeing the diverse mix of ages, abilities, and backgrounds that are on the trail every day. Besides his life in Ecuador, Carlos has traveled and worked throughout Europe, Central America, & South America. Regardless of where he is in the world, he makes sure to run in each new city. However, of all of the places he has been, Carlos says Memorial Park is his favorite. He was thrilled to recently find a job in Houston because he not only loves the Park, but also the City and its diverse people. He hopes his story of realizing a new life inspires others to make the same change and look for happiness anywhere in the world.