Molly Mayo

Molly grew up in the Houston area & began running after she graduated from college. She quickly realized that if she wanted to feel good during her 1-hour workout she also had to be disciplined about what she ate & drank & how much she slept during the remaining 23-hours each day. She says the decision to make that change was an easy one because running provides a sense of joy & accomplishment that she was excited to realize. In 2015 Molly found herself stuck in a job that was physically and emotionally draining. She says that despite the fatigue she felt from her career, she still made a point to wake up early & run every morning, which was the highlight of her day. Although she was disappointed in her day job, she always arrived at her desk with a sense of pride because she had already logged several miles before most of her co-workers were even awake. This past summer, Molly was thrilled to obtain a new job working for @girlsontherun and @gotrgreaterhouston, an organization that strives to unleash confidence in young girls while also establishing a lifetime appreciation of health and fitness. Molly says that even though she is twice the age of most of the girls they mentor, she has also realized that same excitement for life through running. Even though many people prefer to exercise in groups, Molly says she finds running with only one other person to be more refreshing. In today’s fast-paced society when people are glued to their phones & computers, running shoulder-to-shoulder with someone provides a unique opportunity to have someone’s undivided attention & really get to know the other person. Today, she is thankful for the positive impact running has had on her life & relishes the chance to share that joy with the next generation of young ladies.