Diana is one of the fastest female athletes in the#Houston running community, but also one of the most #humble. She is always happy and laughs hard while she is running, but hesitates when asked to talk about her accomplishments. Instead, her focus is on her #5kids, and she finds joy in seeing them work hard to achieve success. Diana usually starts her morning runs at 4:45 so she can make it home to take her kids to school. Her fastest marathon was in 2011 at the age of 37 when she ran 2:48:21. But Diana has not always been a runner. She and her husband were both #gymnasts in high school. During her pregnancies, she maintained her fitness by working out at the local YMCA. Occasionally she would run on a treadmill, but never routinely until 2003 when she decided to take running more seriously. These days Diana says she is too busy to race. She has 2 kids in college, and the other 3 keep her schedule full. But Diana says she is #contentwith her life. She almost always runs with friends. If you look closely and are able to catch a glimpse of them whizzing past, Diana will be the one smiling and laughing, thankful to have a few minutes to run before the sun rises.