Marc Nathan

Marc’s life is a beautiful picture of 2 stark contrasts: one of consistency & loyalty rarely seen in today’s fast-paced society, the other a willingness to embrace change when required by circumstances beyond his control. He grew up in Meyerland & competed in the annual #JCCMaccabiGames track & field events in high school. Marc said he usually won the races but he became even more intrigued by long distance running in the 70’s after reading about Nike & their development of running shoes. Inspired by their efforts, Marc began training w/ his friends at Memorial Park & competed in the 1986#HoustonMarathon. Later that year when his 3rd son was born he decided it was time to take a break from running. He decided after his oldest son left for college in 1997 that it was time to get back into running. Several years later Marc joined#KenyanWay and continues to run with the group. In addition to taking up running in the 70s, he also began a career as a photographer. He has held the same job for 40 yrs & still finds joy in his work. One of his biggest challenges came 20 yrs ago w/ the introduction of the digital camera. At first Marc held off in making the switch. He felt there was an artistic element that was lost when film was eliminated. In 2003 he finally had to admit it was time to buy a new camera & embrace the change. Another transformation happened in Aug. Marc has lived in the same home for more than 50 yrs. He says that until 2015, the home never flooded, but in the last 2 yrs it has flooded 3 times. After the 2016 Tax Day flood, he had temporary a storage shed in his driveway. When Marc & his wife returned to the home the storage shed flooded with 7” of water. They began sorting through the items in the shed he found a box of photos that were completely ruined. Being a photographer he felt a deep connection to the pictures of his parents & children that he had personally taken 40 yrs ago. He stood in his driveway sobbing & had to admit it was time to move. Throughout all of the recent changes he has continued to wake up early & meet his friends at the Park. Marc says that if he doesn’t do his workout in the a.m. it doesn’t happen-some things never change.