Danny's Market

Although Danny’s Market is not technically in Memorial Park, almost everyone who comes to the Park has driven past his store at the corner of Westcott & I-10. In fact, many people drive across his parking lot instead of making the block around McDonald’s to get on I-10. Danny says it is frustrating b/c he often sees kids darting out of their parents’ cars and running into the store. Occasionally he will ask an officer to write tickets, but his main concern is safety. However, it is not the only thing that takes his attention. Danny purchased the station in 1983 when he was 20-years old and has been involved in the day-to-day operations for the last 35 yrs. He says it has been more than a year since he & his wife went on a vacation, but it is probably something he should do soon... Danny says the neighborhood surrounding the store has gone through a tremendous transformation in the last 15-years. He recently demolished his original store & pumps to address 2 concerns: the old pumps were difficult to maneuver around, and he wanted to attract a younger clientele who would feel at home. Danny is tremendously thankful for the loyal customers who have supported him the entire time he has been in business, but he felt like he could offer a more inviting atmosphere to the local community. The new building has space for high-end beer & wine selections. Also, just beyond the entrance is an entire cooler that is targeted towards the Memorial Park crowd. It has fresh fruit, yogurt, and premium juices, and he often has runners stop by, even in the middle of their workouts. Danny says the hardest part of his job is managing the employees. He has one cashier who has been w/ him for 14-yrs, but he often has to jump in when someone calls in sick or just does not show up for work. The store is open 24-hrs/day, which means there have been many nights when he has not slept because he had to cover a shift. His new store was finished a week before Hurricane Harvey hit. He is proud of the fact that they were open the entire time to support their customers. It is just one more way Danny has worked to serve his neighbors and build community-just like the running clubs at the Park!