Claudia is one of the sweetest, most encouraging people you will ever meet. Although she enjoys running and lifting weights, her first love was#rollerblading. Occasionally she still makes time to pull her blades out and take a few laps whenever possible. In 2005 Claudia’s mom who was only 53 was diagnosed with #breastcancer. Claudia and her family were in shock because her mom was so young, but it also inspired Claudia to begin her own fitness journey. She says she realized that life is short and she needed to make healthier choices in order to lower her risk of cancer. Claudia also realized she had a desire to help people who were struggling with their health and needed someone to show them a better way. Today, she and her husband help the Rangel family lead N-Evoluzion Extreme Fitness Studio. Studio members and friends meet at Memorial Park on Thursday evenings to run, and she has been overwhelmed by the kind people she has met and the lives that have been changed through each member’s hard work. Claudia finds joy in seeing her clients and friends reach new goals and gain satisfaction in exercising together. Claudia describes her hair as “big” and says she is proud of her curls. She knows many girls who spend hours each week trying to straighten their hair. Instead, she embraces how God made her and tries to use that attitude to encourage her friends when they are exercising. Just as Claudia is content with her body and desires to keep it healthy, she hopes others will see life in the same way and be #inspired to work hard, regardless of their background or inexperience. #bighairdontcare #naturalcurls#healthy #nevoluzionfitness #nevoluzion#rollerblader #memorialpark #memorialparkhouston#runhou #runhouston #pinksocks #beautifullady