Scott Michelman

Scott grew up in Florida and moved to Houston after graduating from law school in 1996. Two years later he became intent on running a marathon and joined Houston Fit. There he met several people who he is still friends with today. Scott says his workouts are his social time and he enjoys running with other people. After he finished a marathon, he decided to train for an Ironman triathlon. Scott finished 3 Ironmans and 8 Half-Ironmans. In those days he was single and had a lot more time to train. After meeting his wife, he returned to the marathon and finished several races under 3 hours 5 minutes, just barely missing the sub-3 hour mark. Then, in 2007 Scott had a skiing accident and had surgery to repair his tibia. He had to stop running while he focused on the recovery, but then he and his wife had 2 children, and regular running became a distant memory. In the last couple years, as Scott has kept in touch with his friends from the Houston Fit days, he became intrigued at the thought of giving the sub-3 marathon another serious try. He knew it would be a struggle because he was not going to wake up one morning and be able to complete a 20 mile long run…unless he started putting in the time to get in shape. Now, with 2 kids at home, he finishes his runs before he heads to work so he can be with his family in the evenings. Scott says that after several months of running, he is finally starting to see his times come down. Today he can do 1 mile at the pace he used to run 15 miles. Regardless, he is happy to be out again – especially with his friends!