Phil Edgley and Laura Sarkis

Phil and Laura hail from Scotland, but have lived in Houston for the last 3 years. They met at the University of Aberdeen while competing in triathlons. Phil works in construction and says the thought of sitting at a desk makes him queasy. Laura is the exact opposite and has thrived at her job in business contracts. One thing they have in common is that they are always smiling. They both have a knack for seeing the funny side of a situation, and Laura can be quite blunt in pointing out something that many would be too shy to discuss. Laura’s job has brought many changes to their lives in the last few years, but they have remained active and continue to finish in the top tier of almost every race they enter. Upon moving to Houston they joined the Tornados Running Club and can usually be found racing around Memorial Park during the club’s Thursday evening tempo runs. Sadly, for their friends in Houston, they are preparing to move back to Aberdeen next week. Laura says that logistically, one of the hardest parts of their move has been organizing how to get their 6 bicycles home so they can start riding them as soon as they return. Their beautiful smiles and humor will be sorely missed on Sunday long runs. In all my years of running at the Park, this saying goodbye to sweet running buddies has been a common practice. It means they will cross our minds many times as we run past a spot where something funny happened or we raced together. We wish them the best and are thankful to have had them light up our lives for the last 3 years!