Chris Gould

Chris is a happily-married father of 2 young children. He owns his own company and is a hard-working, selfless friend to many individuals. Most people who did not know him 13 years ago would be surprised to learn that his life was almost the exact opposite of everything he is today. Although he ran cross country and track as a teenager, he was already deep into a drug addiction, and dropped out of high school. He lost nearly everything to his addiction and by his late twenties, he lost even the will to try and live a normal life only to continue to fail. The consequences of his actions caught up with him and he found himself facing up to 99 yrs in prison. With this fear he took a suggestion to go to drug rehab and was introduced to a 12 step recovery program to which he surrendered and ended up receiving only probation. Looking back, Chris can see God’s merciful hand protecting him and making paths for him to break out of the grips of addiction. In 2010, after being clean for 4 years, Chris decided to quit smoking, but over the next year he gained 50 lbs. In 2011 he made a New Year’s Resolution to stop eating fast food and drinking sodas. He also started running, and the pounds slowly fell off. That year Chris was in a used book store and found Al Lawrence’s Self-Coached Runner. He began following the schedules in the book and enjoyed seeing his times improve. Then, in 2015, Chris began training directly under Al. He feels like Al’s wisdom and encouragement allowed him to flourish and he relishes the sweet memories of being at Memorial Park under his guidance. Despite his love of the Park, Chris had a frustrating experience last week when someone busted the lock on his truck and stole his credit cards. In the last week he has spent many hours filing police reports and dealing with the credit card companies. What is most annoying to Chris is that 99.9% of the people at Memorial Park are working to improve their lives, but there are a few selfish individuals who are set on causing trouble. However, that was exactly what Chris’ life looked like 13 years ago. He is thankful for second chances and a loving God who redeems.

 — with Bohemian PhotographyChris Gould and Al Lawrence.