Don Dearborn

Don says he has had a #loveaffair with Memorial Park for almost 30 years. In the early 90’s he lived on Westcott and would walk his dogs, a mindless Basset hound named Beauregard and a Red Chow named Sebastian, there every day. Don works in a salon and prefers to spend his time away from work in the warmth of the sun. His walks with Beauregard and Sebastian became the highlight of his day and brought him great joy. During that time he was also a#gymrat. He was proud of his strong physique, but one day he woke up and decided, “No more of that; take me the way I am or drive through!” But then the#drama happened. After a few months of not working out, Don was shocked one day when he studied himself in a mirror and took note of how much his body had changed. He says the first thing that came to his mind was, “I must be sick!” He immediately scheduled an appointment with his doctor who told him that at 55 years old, even though Don looked young, he was past the speed limit. He advised Don that the muscle mass would return if he lifted weights for 90-days. So Don reluctantly joined the Memorial Park Fitness Center on Arnot. But after a couple more months, he decided his passion was to be outdoors. He did not want to be in a stuffy gym and did not care if he looked thin. 6-years later, Don says he walks at Memorial Park 4 days per week. He always has his headphones and says music is his mistress. He listens to everything from Aretha Franklin to Josh Grobin to Willie Nelson to Showtunes. He calls the other people he sees on the trail Gypsies and has learned to accept his 170 lb body and #skinnylegs. Don says that today, he is truly a #happycamper and still in love with Memorial Park, his headphones, and the Gypsies.