Ruth grew up in The Heights. In the mid-80s her brother’s cross country team competed in meets at Memorial Park, and she often ran there with him. Then in 1995 she decided to venture to the Park by herself & start her own running routine. Ruth says she never ran more than 1-lap, and she always ran by hersef-that is until the day she met her husband. They eventually married & have been pillars in the running community for many years. In 2005 she joined #PowerInMotion, a 10-week clinic that helps new & intermediate runners train for a 5K. There she met many people & was encouraged to enter a half-marathon. Ruth says she did not think it was possible for her to run 13.1 mi, but after finishing the Half she set her sights on completing a Full. Throughout her journey she faced many injuries, and her family tried to insist that she quit running. But Ruth did not give up. When she was finally able to cross the finish line of her 1st marathon she says she was overwhelmed w/ emotion & could not hold back the tears. She eventually joined the Tornados Running Club & found several more friends who she enjoyed hanging out w/ away from the Park. They jokingly call themselves the Speedy Tortugas, and they can be seen laughing & having fun as they make their way around the trail. Ruth says that she always thought she was too slow to run w/ most of the other Tornados, but she distinctly remembers a day when the entire group ran w/ her. That single lap around the Park w/ the other faster members gave her confidence & made her feel like she belonged. In 2015 Ruth’s husband became very sick and she was forced to stop running so she could be by his side. She eventually began to feel sick herself. She finally realized that her time away from Memorial Park & her running friends had left a physical & emotional void in her life, and she had to make time to run again. Although Ruth is very soft-spoken, she is the volunteer coordinator for the Tornados & the#CincodeMayo 5K. She also helps PIM as a pacer/coach. She says she enjoys racing, but she knows it takes many volunteers to host an event. She feels like she needs to give back so other volunteers can enjoy the races too!