Phred stops by Memorial Park before work and often during his lunch break too. He says he has not always enjoyed reading because he felt like it was too constrictive and slowed down his mind. He and his wife have 2 sons who are 15 and 12. But after Phred became a father, he discovered an appreciation for literal arts and decided life comes down to one word: WISDOM. He says that once he got a taste of Wisdom and realized she is timeless, he went on a quest to find her in every culture throughout history. Phred initially tried walking and reading because he wanted to do something good with his body since he was already challenging his mind. He quickly realized that walking while reading actually allowed him to focus more and concentrate on the book. In the last 3 years, Phred has probably walked 1,000 laps at the Park, all while reading, but he has never once tripped. He says his peripheral vision is strong, but he also thinks he has learned to "see" using his other senses and his heart, which he uses to "feel" his way around. Phred says he thinks the human race has lost hope and faith because, as adults, we stop pushing the envelope and assume no one cares. Instead, Phred hopes to inspire others to never stop thinking about bigger and bigger things, because they can actually feed us with life. Although he says he is shy, if you tell him, “Good morning!” he is always quick to smile and wave. The only thing is you have to be the one to speak first since Phred’s nose will almost surely be buried in a book!