Patrina Mosca

In 2011, after Patrina had her 5th child, she found herself frustrated by the way her body had changed. She was embarrassed by her stretch marks and the weight she had gained, and felt hopeless in her attempts to return to her definition of “pretty.” Patrina grew up in an obese family and says she had never learned how to follow a healthy eating plan. But in 2014 she decided she would become serious about nutrition and exercise. However, during this physical change, Patrina also went through a personal renewal. She says she realized that, regardless of the way she looks, she is beautiful and loved. After a year of lifting weights and wholesome eating, she decided to enter a body building competition. Her entire family came to the event, and even though she finished in last place, she says they were extremely proud of her courage and the joy she exhibited on the stage. In 2016 Patrina noticed that several other moms she knew were going through the same struggles she had experienced a few years earlier. She decided to start a personal training program called Be Committed Wellness. She not only wanted to teach ladies how to exercise and eat right, but also how to how to reclaim their joy, strength, and confidence. Although she hopes that her client will follow all of her advice, she says the even she does not do exactly what her own body building coach advises. He told her that in order to compete at the top level and have a perfectly proportioned physique, she needed to stop running because it is too much cardio work and would cause her to lose muscle mass. Since she spends her quiet time with God while she is running, Patrina decided it was worth having a little less muscle. She says she knows life is a marathon, and not a sprint. Her desire is for all women to establish habits and attitudes that allow them to realize their own value and beauty, regardless of their circumstances.