LaTasha Gary

LaTasha ran track & cross country throughout her high school years in LaMarque & her freshman year at Texas A&M, but after a foot injury & car accident, her doctor said she would never run again. In 1989 she obtained a job at Compaq & in 1991 she represented Compaq in the National Track & Field Meet. After Nationals, her job changed & she began traveling extensively. It was not until 2009 when shewas experiencing a great deal of stress at work that she decided to start running again. She says that in her heart she knew running would allow her to find relief from the demanding hours in the office & she finally had to just get started. At first she ran around her neighborhood in Jersey Village but she did not feel safe running alone on the dark streets. She is a#morningperson & decided it would be better to make the drive to #MemorialPark. LaTasha says she was perfectly happy to run by herself & use her time on the trail to get mentally ready for her day. Then, in 2010 she met Robin Proctor who also runs in the early hours. LaTasha quickly found herself doing tempo runs, fartleks, & other faster workouts with the group. Soon enough, she & her running buddies were entering local races & traveling across the country & the world to compete in races. In 2015, after a year of doctor visit & steroid injections to reduce back pain, LaTasha was diagnosed with#Lupus. Determined not to allow Lupus to get the best of her, she ran 5 marathons in 2016, with 2 of them resulting in a PR. She thanks God for the gift & opportunity to still run. Now, even on Fridays when LaTasha drives to #LaMarque to take care of her parents, she stops by the Park to get her run in before heading south on I-45. She will turn 55 next year & plans to do the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon in #SouthAfrica w/ some of her friends from the Park. Today, after 9 years of running at Memorial Park, the friendships she has made & the habits she has formed define who she is. She says she would not have it any other way. Not only is she less stressed, but she loves the comradery of the sweet people she meets every morning who motivate, encourage, & inspire her to #nevergiveup.

 — withJack Potts and LaTasha Gary.