Cody Rideaux

Cody ran track & cross country at #WestsideHighSchool but after graduating his focus shifted to college & his career. In the summer of 2017, a friend suggested they enter the 2018 #chevronhoustonmarathon. Cody agreed & began to research what he needed to do to train for the event. He read books & magazines and created his own schedule, which he followed faithfully. The funny thing is his friend whose idea it was in the first place never did much more than sign up for the race. Cody says that he tried to encourage his other friends & family members to join him, but they refused. When they heard him talk about doing long runs, they assumed he ran that far every day & insisted they did not have time to train for such a lengthy race. Fast forward to race day when a cold front had just hit Houston. Cody says he prefers running in warmer temperatures & was completely frozen during the race. By mile 10 he knew he needed to slow down because his hamstring had cramped & he was not going to meet his goal time. Another thing that made the race especially difficult was his house is a short walk from the 14-mi mark on South Post Oak. Cody had to force himself to stop thinking about walking home & just continue running. His family was waiting for him at the finish line & became worried when he did not come through when they expected. They finally called him & Cody had to assure them he would finish, but that it would be a while. When he finally made it to the finish he was overwhelmed w/ pride & satisfaction. Not surprisingly, his friend who suggested they do the race in the first place barely finished before the 6-hr cutoff. He struggled to complete the race & has not run since. But Cody is still running today. Even though he was disappointed w/ his marathon finish time, he was thrilled w/ how far he had come in just a few short months. If that was not enough, Cody’s dedication & hard work were recently recognized by SWORD Performance Products, & he was asked to be a Brand Ambassador. Given his excitement & enthusiasm for running, he has hopes of setting many new PRs in the races to come. #godisgood #runhou#runhouston #pushyourboundaries #drinksword #swordperformance