Part 2 of 3: Kathleen Mahon

Part 2 of 3 - Kathleen A. Mahon grew up in Colorado and was an avid skier. She still skis when she has time and proximity to a mountain, but her exercise routine has evolved and mirrored the changes in her life. In the 80s Kathi joined an exercise group and followed the aerobics craze. She says she even wore the leotard, tights, and headband, but decided the leg warmers were a bit too much. Then, in 1997, she was at a conference in New York when a couple co-workers suggested they wake up early the next day and go for a run. She felt confident in her fitness, but that run was more difficult than she had expected. Kathi decided she would start running on her own so she could keep up with her friends at the same conference the following year. She eventually joined the #BayouCityRoadRunners and agreed to serve on their board. A few years later she became the President of BCRR, and in 2015 she became the President of the Houston Area Road Runners Association. She says that #HARRA is starting to see a shift among the younger runners away from racing towards a more social experience. Kathi is working with the board to meet the new desires, as well as introduce running to more people in our area, while continuing to offer the programs, philanthropy, and advocacy that HARRA has always provided. She and Milan moved to Houston 20 years ago to work at Baylor College of Medicine as a researchers. She has a PhD from #Yale University where she metMilan Jamrich. They say the likelihood of dating someone in the lab at Yale was very high because they were practically living there and did not venture out very often. However, Milan will also tell you he thought Kathleen was beautiful and funny. They married in 1983 and are tremendous examples of individuals who balance their careers, fitness, and#volunteer efforts (To be continued…)