Hans and Fiona Siemelink

@hans_siemelink grew up in a small town in Holland and moved to South Africa after graduating from college. There he joined the #FishHoekRunningCluband quickly heard about another celebrated member named @fiona_siemelink who’d just placed 2nd in the infamous #Washie100Miler trail race. Hans spent several weeks trying to buy her a drink at the club’s happy hour gatherings, but Fiona thought he wasmarried & kept refusing his offer. When a friend finally pointed out that he was single, she happily agreed & they quickly became an item. Then, Hans’ employer transferred him to Houston. At first he thought he would be there for a year, but when he was asked to stay longer, he called Fiona & asked if she was willing to become his wife (& move to Houston). He was living in an apartment on Heights Blvd, perfectly located between his office downtown & the #MemorialPark trails. The night Fiona arrived in Houston she says she was famished b/c she had been traveling for 30 hrs. Hans took her across the street to #StarPizza, and she promptly ordered a large pizza. In South Africa, a large would be ~8” wide, and Hans had to insist that there was no way she could eat a Texas-sized large! They were married in 2002 and both still compete in extreme endurance events. Between them, they have completed 45 #Ironman triathlons. They say that now, for them to enter a race, it needs to offer some new type of challenge. When other individuals in the race start to complain, Hans & Fiona become excited because that was the reason they entered the race to begin with. In addition to their own efforts to train for such long races, they have both dedicated countless hours to volunteering and supporting the #triathloncommunity. They are a wealth of knowledge and are happy to share their wisdom with anyone. They have traveled across the country to be the pit crew for other athletes. Fiona began & is the sole Administrator for the Houston Tri Marketplace, Houston Tri Community, & Triathlon Sports for Women Worldwide pages on Facebook. Their inspiration & impact on Houston’s racing community is tremendously appreciated!