Neeraj Rohilla

Neeraj is one of the most jovial runners you will meet. He is a proud alumnus of #RiceUniversitywhere he obtained a Master’s and Doctorate's degree in Chemical Engineering. One summer evening in 2007 he was sitting at #Valhalla, Rice’s underground bar, when a couple members of the#BayouCityRoadRunners walked in after their Wednesday night 6-mile easy run. They were much older than Neeraj, but he was intrigued by their backgrounds as Executives/Scientists at two of Houston’s top oil and gas companies. They had some discussion about science while drinking beer together. Even though Neeraj had never run long distances before, they invited him to the next week’s workout. He says that he doesn’t remember it being overwhelming, but the #BCRR members ran very slowly with him and talked to him the entire time. It was not long before Neeraj joined the club and was inviting other younger friends to also start running. Over the last 10 years he found that he has the self-discipline to run on his own and push himself during the harder workouts. Instead, what he appreciates most about BCRR is that many of the members are like family to him. They encourage him, look after him, scold him and are the voice of reason when his true family in India cannot be there. In his job as researcher in a lab for a Chemical company, Neeraj is always analyzing data and predicting trends. He uses that same analytical approach to estimate his and his friend’s times for upcoming races. For example, if you give him your current 10K time, he is reasonably accurate in predicting a half marathon or marathon time. He says that there have been a couple cases when he has predicted a finish time within a few seconds of a friend’s actual time for a marathon. Incredibly, he is able to do all of the calculations in his head while running. He then quickly goes back to telling a story that has his friends laughing for the next 10-miles!